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County Flag for Radnorshire?

This page is prompted by the debate at: http://flags.abcounties.com/2012/01/01/radnorshire/

and with some concluding comments here: http://abcounties.com/flags/2014/01/28/radnorshire-3/

....and added to in this blog post by patriotic 'Radnorian':

and with a linked debate on the website of the new "Radnorshire Liberation Front"...who should really add re-unification with Ceri to their objectives :) 

This is a bold, colourful and dramatic design, that incoporates Elystan's boars (also attributed to his son Cadwgan) and lion, with some Mortimer colours at the flag-staff end. It may be thought too detailed, but a standard local government design surely wouldn't do for a county so rich in old and new Welsh artistic and literary heritage as Radnorshire.

or if one decided a flag based on the busier design of the coat of arms of Radnorshire:

Our bet is that the people of Radnorshire won't be too fussed to have a county flag...but who knows.