Families descended from Elystan Glodrydd,

through his son Cadwgan

Old genealogies record that Cadogan had many children, including a number of sons.  Some of these (there are more to add who appear in old records and the work of Peter Bartrum), along with notes of families descended from each are detailed below, but not in any particular age order. 

Many branches have intermarried over the generations, with the result that quite a lot of the families below are descended from more than one of Elystan’s grandsons. A simple example of some of these sort of interconnections is shown at the bottom of this page.

One thing that is clear, particularly from our gathering in October 2010, is that the descendants of Elystan stretch far and wide and reside right across all parts of the community of Radnorshire and the regions around it, both sides of the border, let alone places much further afield. It is probably true to say that a very large number of people in this part of the country descend from or have a connection with the ‘tribe’ of Elystan. Perhaps it was this that enabled us to enjoy such a happy gathering in 2010, with its warm and welcoming atmosphere and the character of a very large family community get-together. The old princely families haven’t disappeared, they became yeomen, farmers, soldiers, professionals, and workers in all trades and industries, and their descendants can be found within the community of people living across Wales and the rest of the Britain today, and the diaspora around the world. 

The families listed below are the most easily found examples, grouped under the names of each respective son of Cadwgan ab Elystan from whom they have traditionally been said, or are known to be descended.

Idnerth ap Cadwgan

            Cadwalader of Newtown, Cedewain, Montgomeryshire

            Evans of Bulgaden Hall, Co. Limerick

            Evans-Freke of Castle Freke, Rosscarbery, Co. Cork (Barons of Carbery, from the Bulgaden family)

            Evans of Ash Hill, Co. Limerick and Miltown Castle, Co. Cork

            D’Arcy-Evans of Knockaderry, Co. Limerick

            Evans of Portrane, Co. Dublin 

            Evans of Baymount, Co. Dublin and Robinstown, Co. Westmeath

            Jenkins (later named Heyward), of Cilbronnau, Cardiganshire and Crosswood, Montgomeryshire

            Jenkins of Penrallt, Cardiganshire (from the Cilbronnau family)

            Jenkins of Pantirion, Pembrokeshire (from the Penrallt family)

            Jenkins of Trevigin, Pembrokeshire (from the Penrallt family)

            Kerry (or Kerrey) of Binweston, Worthen, Shropshire (originally from Ceri / Kerry, Montgomeryshire)

            Lloyd of Coedmore, Cardiganshire (and Gilfachwen)

            Meredith of Crungoed (Crincoed), Llangynllo (Llangunllo), Radnorshire

            Meredith of Henbury, Cheshire

            Meredith of Devon and of the town of ‘Meredith’ in New Hampshire, USA

            Powell of Weston, Montgomeryshire (Weston Madoc / Great Weston, parish of Churchstoke, Montgomeryshire) 

            Pryce (Price) of Monaughty (from Madog ab Idnerth, who Philip Yorke of Erddig refers to as Pryce of Mynachdy)

            Pryce of Newtown Hall, Montgomeryshire (Baronets, from Ifor ab Idnerth)

            Pryce of Vaynor, Park, Llanwnnog, Glanmaheli and Bodfach, Montgomeryshire (all branches from Newtown)

            Price of Virginia, USA (from John Price, son of Richard Pryce of Manafon son of Richard Pryce of Newtown Hall)

Goronwy ap Cadwgan


Llywelyn ap Cadwgan

            Bowen of Gilwern, Llanafan Fawr, Brecknockshire

            Cadogan of Llwyn Cadogan, Brecknockshire (family of Earl Cadogan)

            Cadogan of Trostrey, Monmouthshire

            Cambray of Stretton-in-the-Dale (i.e. Church Stretton), Shropshire 

            Campbell Davys of Neuadd-fawr and Cilycwm, Camarthenshire & Dolycoed, Brecknockshire

            Edwardes of Rhyd-y-Gors, Carmarthenshire

            Gwynn of Maeslech and Garth, Brecknockshire

            Jenkes of Wolverton, Eaton-under-Heywood, Shropshire

            Lloyd of Bryn-y-Coed, Brecknockshire and Ludlow, Shropshire

            Lloyd of Dinas, Brecknockshire

            Lloyd of Rhosferreg and Aberanell, Brecknockshire

            Lloyd of Caerau, Brecon and Llancamddwr, Brecknockshire

            Lloyd of Ferney Hall, Onibury, Shropshire

            Penry of Cefnbrith, Llangammarch Wells, Brecknockshire

            Rhys-Jones (Jones of Nantmel & Llanafon, Radnorshire, who also descend by marriage from the Lloyds of Rhosferreg)

            Saunders of Penylan & Brecon, Brecknockshire

            Thomas of Llwyn Madoc, Brecknockshire

            Thomas of Wellfield, Radnorshire

            Williams of Aberanell, Brecknockshire

            Williams of Parc ar Irfon (or: Parc ar ‘Irvon’), near Builth Wells, Brecknockshire

Hoedlyw ap Cadwgan

            Beamond of Bacheldre (originally: Bachelltref), Churchstoke, Montgomeryshire

            Blaeney / Blayney of Kinsham, Herefordshire and of The Lodge, Evesham, Worcestershire

            Clun of Clun, and of Chapel Lawn, Betws-y-Crwyn, Clun, Shropshire

            Lloyd of Rhayader (recorded by Lewys Dwnn alongside ‘Phillips of Llandewi Ystradyny’ & ‘Powel of Cwmwt Toyddwr’)

            Lloyd of Trebroden, Shropshire

            Meredith of Croescynon, Llanbister, Radnorshire

            Meredith of Cwmllechwedd, Radnorshire

            Meredith of Cwmyrychen, St. Harmon, Radnorshire

            Miles of Harpton, Old Radnor (old Welsh name: Pencraig)

            Morris of Morrisania, New York (one of whom signed the American Declaration of Independence), from Tintern, Monmouthshire

            Morris of Tinton Falls, Monmouth County, New Jersey, and Morris County, New Jersey

            Morris of The Hurst, Clun, Shropshire

            Morris of Pentrenant, Churchstoke

            Morrice (Morris) of Betshanger, Kent

            Morris of York

            Morice (Morris) of Werrington, Devon (Baronets)

            Morris of New Haven, Connecticut

            Phillips of Llanddewi Ystradenni, Radnorshire (also sometimes spelt ‘Philips’)

            Powel of Cwmwd Deuddwr (given in Lewys Dwnn’s visitation as ‘Cwmwt Toyddwr’)

            Powell (later Lewis Lloyd) of Nantgwyllt, Cwm Elan (one of the historic homes now under the waters of the Elan Reservoir)

            Vaughan of Llinwent, Llanbister, Radnorshire

            Vaughan of Bryndraenog, Bugeildy, Radnorshire

            Vaughan of Jordanston, Pembrokeshire (from the Llinwent family)

            Note: All these Merediths, Morrises, Beamonds, Philips and Vaughans were descended from Cadwgan ab Elystan via Cadwgon

            ap Philip Dorddu. The Blayneys descend from Philip Dorddu’s brother Cadwgan ap Hywel of Heyop, son of Hywel ap Madog 

            of Croesgynon (Llanbister parish). We have still to ascertain the precise descent of the Lloyds of Trebroden.

Ieuaf ap Cadwgan

            Powell of Ednop (Edenhope), Mainstone near Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire

            Powell of Brampton-Ralf, Somerset

            Powell of Ewhurst, Sussex (Baronets)

            Beddoes of All Stretton & Brockton, Lydbury North and Horderley (inc family of Ralph Beddow, burgess of Shrewsbury)

            Beddoes / Minton Beddoes of Horderley, Cheney Longville, Hopesay & Clun, Shropshire and Westcliffe, Colorado, USA

            Beddoes of Hurdley, Churchstoke, Montgomeryshire (from Cheney Longville)

            Beddoes of Horderley & Myndtown, Wentnor, Bishops Castle, Church Stretton and Sparchford (Diddlebury), Shropshire

            Beddoes of Broncroft Parks, Diddlebury and Seifton, Culmington, Shropshire

            Beddoes / Beddows of Clee St. Margaret, Diddlebury, Tettenhall and Ackleton & Munslow (from Brockton, Lydbury North)

            Beddoes / Beddowes of Rowley Regis, Staffordshire

            Beddoes of Neen Savage, Kinlet and Chetton, Shropshire

            Beddoe of Bransley & Withypool, Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire and Beddoe Springs, Sabinetown, Texas, U.S.A.

            Beddoe / Beddoes of Bitterley, Shropshire, Yakima, Washington State, USA and Ottawa, Canada

                Note: The Beddoe family of Withypool have always claimed descent from Elystan and they, like so many of the descendants 

                of Cadwgan, have used his quartered arms; they have also long claimed kinship with the Beddoes of Horderley so they

                are counted among the descendants of Ieuaf ap Cadwgan. However, it could also be quite possible that they have another

                line of descent from Elystan, like the Bedoes from Ieuan Philip ap Bedo coch of Llanwrthwl (see below). 

                It had been postulated and assumed that the Beddoe / Beddoes of Bitterley, Worfield, Lower Ledwych, Ludlow, Broseley,

                Neen Savage & Kinlet are connected to the Beddoe’s of Bransley - recent careful, and extensive research by one of this

                family has indicated that past assumptions do indeed appear to be correct and these families could possibly share a common 

                root after all. The work is not yet complete, but it has revealed a series of interesting connections between these Beddoe/oes.


Some other sons of Cadwgan ab Elystan who are featured in Bartrum’s work:-

Iestyn Farchog ap Cadwgan


Iorwerth ap Cadwgan



Other families descended from Elystan Glodrydd, through his son Cadwgan:

(some listed in Philip Yorke’s book The Royal Tribes of Wales)

            Bedoes, from Hugh Bedoes of ‘Stretton’, Herefordshire, son of Ieuan Philip ap Bedo coch of Llanwrthwl, Radnorshire

            Beddoes of Wigmore, Herefordshire (who appear to be descended from the family of Hugh Bedoes of Stretton, above)

            Broughton of Lower Broughton or Owlbury*

            Evans of Gortmerron House, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone (may be the same family as that of the Barons of Carbery above)

            Evans of Moreton Court, Moreton-on-Lugg, Herefordshire (their descent is suggested by their heraldry)

            Evans (& Huxley-Evans) of Nantmel, Radnorshire (ditto re heraldry, which has links with the Evans of Moreton Court)

            Lewis of Broughton, Bolden and Sutton Magna, Shropshire

            Lewis of Gernos, Cardiganshire*

            Lloyd of Pentratho

            Lloyd of Porthykrwys and Llanynys, Breconshire*   

            Lloyd of Rhayader*

            James of Croesgynan, Montgomeryshire*

            Jenkins of Trefigin

            Matthews of Blodwel, Shropshire and Mochdre, Montgomeryshire*

            Meredith of Llanafan*

            Oliver of Llangyniew*

            Oliver of Neuaddwen*

            Owen of Machynlleth, Morben and Peniarth*

            Owen of Rhiw Saeson, Montgomeryshire*

            Parry of Llanerchydol*

            Powel of Cascob, Radnorshire*

            Powell of Sutton Court, Diddlebury, Shropshire   

            Price of Radnor*            

            Pugh of Cwmrhaiadr, Montgomeryshire

            Stephens of Crychell (originally: Crychallt, below the hill called Yr Allt), Llananno, Radnorshire

            Thomas of Coedhelen, Carnarvonshire and Trevor Hall

            Vaughan of Llansaintfraed House, Nr Builth, The Castle, Builth Wells, Brecknockshire and Llwynmadoc & Glasgwm, Radnorshire 

            Williams of Pentremawr and Llanbrynmair    

            Wynn of Gellidywyll and Llanfendigaid*


* = families that Philip Yorke mentions in his book as likely to have become extinct; it must be remembered that he wasn’t always correct in his assumptions!

An example of multiple inter-connections between

different branches of Elystan’s grandchildren 

As mentioned at the top of this page, many people researching their descent from Elystan are likely to find that they discover a series of interconnecting family lines resulting from inter-marriage between different branches descended from sons of Cadwgan ab Elystan.

The highly simplified chart below provides a perfect example of this, although even more complicated examples do exist. Full details of siblings in each generation and of source material for these descents have been deliberately omitted to keep the illustration simple. Peter Bartrum’s work on Welsh genealogies will reveal most of what is shown below, along with other sources, some of which do disagree with each other - the note below on Peniarth MS 141 is just such an example. The line of descent marked in green is also taken from a transcription of Peniarth MS 141 and does not appear to agree entirely with the line given by Bartrum taken from other sources. The line of descent shown below for the Cadogans of Llwyn Cadwgan, from Llywelyn ap Cadwgan, is taken from National Library of Wales Wynnstay MS 149, which is the work of Cadwaladr Wyn of Celynog c.1598 (folio recto, page 124 recto to 129 reversal). It corresponds to BL Add. MS 9867 f.138. Other sources and records have slightly differing details.

If anyone looking at the chart above spots any errors or would like to offer preferred

options from reliable and trusted sources, we would be very pleased to hear from you!